Master x265 Encoding

It's easy to configure x265 encodes in FFmpeg - you probably know all the switches. What's hard is choosing a configuration that delivers the optimal quality and delivery cost for your typical view count, and encoding your videos efficiently and affordably. This course teaches you how.

  • Learn to choose an x265 preset that delivers optimum quality and delivery cost for your typical video view count

  • Learn which AWS instance (Intel/AMD/Graviton) delivers the lowest output cost

  • Learn the optimal number of cores and FFmpeg instances for your x265 1080p and 4K encoding

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to HEVC Format

    • Overall Introduction

    • Introduction to the HEVC Codec

    • Overview of Encoding Fundamentals

  • 2

    Encoding with x265

    • Choosing an HEVC Profile

    • Choosing an x265 Preset for 1080p/8-bit Output

    • Choosing and Using Reference Frames

    • Choosing and Using B Frames with x265

    • Producing an Encoding Ladder

    • Producing x265 Economically and Efficiently

  • 3

    Encoding with x265 - 4K/10-bit

    • Choosing an x265 Preset for 4K 10-bit Output

    • Producing 4K x265 Economically and Efficiently



Jan Ozer

Jan is a recognized expert in streaming media who has tested codecs since 1993 (not a misprint) and has taught in-person and online courses on video and streaming production since 1995.

Jan is a contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine, where he tests and reports on codecs, encoders, and related products and services. Jan has authored multiple books on streaming production, including Video Encoding by the Numbers: Eliminate the Guesswork from your Streaming Video and Learn to Produce Video with FFmpeg in 30 Minutes or Less.

Besides these courses, Ozer teaches workshops at Streaming Media online and in-person events. Overall, the Streaming Learning Center has served over 4000 students from some of the biggest names in streaming video.

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