Senior Instructor

Derrick Freeman

Derrick works in the Center for Continuing Medical Education at the The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. He prepares on-line CME webcasts and enduring materials for physicians at subscribing hospitals and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. He produces a webcast viewed around the world and stays on the cutting edge of the latest in streaming, webcasting, and E-learning tools. Derrick also serves as an Instructor and Video Streaming and Compression Consultant for Freeman Compression Inc, where he has taught courses on Wowza products for over 11 years.

What you will learn

This course teaches you how to install, configure, and produce live and VOD streams with the Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8

  • How to install and configure the Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8 on Windows, Mac, and AWS Linux instances

  • How to configure live and on-demand streaming applications

  • How to deliver live and VOD adaptive bitrate streams to computers, iOS devices, and Android devices

  • Live encoding best practices

Curriculum Overview

Here's an overview of the major modules of the course.

1. Introduction from Derrick

Here you'll meet Derrick and hear his vision for the course.

2.  Video Streaming Overview

In this section, Derrick introduces you to streaming concepts like single file and adaptive streaming. 

3. Wowza Streaming Engine Overview

This section provides an overview of how Wowza Streaming Engine works. You'll learn about Applications, Modules, Properties, Stream Types, AddOns, and Media Playback types.

4. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8 Set-up

In this section, you'll learn how to install Wowza Streaming Engine on Windows, Mac, and on AWS using a Linux instance, including VHost configuration, port settings, tuning, and best practices to ensure that the server is functioning properly. You’ll also learn how to set-up players like VLC and JWPlayer to access the server and test playback. 

5. Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

In this module, you'll learn how to use Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to manage the Wowza Streaming Engine remotely. You’ll learn what can be set up and configured remotely along with where various features such as Applications, Server settings, Stream Files, Content Storage, Playback Security, Source Security, SMIL Files, and Live Sources.

6. CORS Overview/Streamlock SSL Overview

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) and StreamLock are required to securely deliver video from Wowza Streaming Engine to browser-based HTML5 video players. In this lesson, you'll learn what CORS and StreamLock are and how to enable them. 

7.  On-demand Streaming Set-up

Here you'll learn how to set-up on-demand streaming for H.264 content, including how to encode and upload your files, and how to configure Wowza Streaming Engine. 

8. Live Streaming Set-up

This module teaches you how to produce live streams using Wowza Streaming Engine, including configuring the server, and encoding and delivering live streams to the server using a live encoder such as Wirecast.

9. Adaptive Streaming Setup for VOD Streaming

In this section, you'll learn how to produce on-demand HLS and DASH streams for delivery to iOS and Android devices, and many browser-based players. 

10. Adaptive Streaming Setup for Live Streaming

This section teaches you how to set-up the Wowza Transcoder to deliver live ABR video and how to configure your live encoder to connect to the Wowza Streaming Engine. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction from the Instructor

    • Introduction

  • 3

    Video Streaming Overview

  • 4

    Wowza Streaming Engine Overview

    • Wowza Overview

    • Content Directory and Adding Videos

    • Anatomy of An Application XML File

    • Codecs, Adaptive Streaming Options, and Protocols

    • Example of a Module

    • Quiz - Wowza Streaming Engine Overview

  • 5

    Wowza Streaming Engine Installation and Set-up

    • Support Files for This Chapter

    • Getting Wowza Streaming Engine Up and Running

    • Derrick's 7 Steps to Wowza Set-up

    • Installation on a Mac

    • Installing VLC on a Mac

    • Testing VOD Playback in VLC on a Mac

    • Installation on Windows

    • Installing VLC on Windows

    • Test VOD Playback in VLC on Windows

    • Configuring An IP Address

    • Enabling Ports on Firewall for Wowza Streaming

    • Overview of Amazon Web Services for Wowza

    • Starting a Linux Instance for Wowza Streaming Engine

    • Logging into Wowza Streaming Manager with AWS Linux Instance

    • Testing VOD Playback in VLC for Wowza on AWS

    • Connecting to Wowza on AWS with Filezilla

    • Quiz: Wowza Streaming Engine Installation and Set-up

  • 6

    Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Overview

    • Wowza Streaming Manager Overview

    • Virtual Host Monitoring and Server Monitoring

    • Adding Users

    • Overview of Logging in WSE Manager

    • Logging into WSE Remotely

    • Quiz: Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Overview

  • 7

    CORS Overview/StreamLock SSL Overview

    • CORS and StreamLock Overview

    • Configuring CORS on Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

    • Requesting a StreamLock SSL Certificate

    • Installing a StreamLock SSL certifcate

    • Quiz - CORS Overview and StreamLock SSL Overview quiz

  • 8

    On-Demand Streaming Set-up

    • Support Files for This Chapter

    • Creating a Sample On-Demand Application

    • Testing Playback of On-Demand Application

    • Configuring JW Player for On-demand Playback

    • Quiz: On-demand Streaming Set-up

  • 9

    Live Streaming Set-up

    • Support Files for This Chapter

    • Creating a Sample Live Streaming Application

    • Configuring Your Live Encoder

    • Testing Playback of Live application in VLC

    • Creating Live Streaming Playback with JW Player

    • Recording Live Streams with Wowza

    • Quiz: Live Streaming Set-up

  • 10

    Adaptive Streaming Set-up for On-Demand Streaming

    • Download Support Files for this Chapter

    • Creating An Adaptive Streaming Application

    • Testing Adaptive Streaming Playback with VLC.

    • Creating a SMIL File in WSE Manager

    • Creating On Demand Adaptive Streaming Playback with JW Player

    • Quiz: Adaptive Streaming Set-up for On-demand Streaming

  • 11

    Adaptive Streaming Set-up for Live Streaming

    • Support Files for This Chapter

    • Live Adaptive Streaming Overview

    • Creating a Live Adaptive Streaming application with Transcoder AddOn

    • Configuring Your Live Encoder for Live Adaptive Streaming

    • Creating Live Adaptive streaming Playback with JW Player

    • Quiz: Adaptive Streaming Set-up for Live Streaming